Do you want your service organisation to
outrun the competition?

We provide a cloud service and mobile app
to manage and improve service organisations.

Your Service Teams focus on the customer

Minimum time is spent on transfers and administration.

You can act on facts

See who has been served and support teams are behind. Dashboards, KPIs and reports help you improve your business.

Your customers see the value of your service

Automatic service reports to show what has been done and what will be done next visit.

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Thanks to the innovative solution from Seerefine we have saved time and money while increasing our flexibility and client satisfaction at the same time.

This is a great help for higher effectiveness and better control.

- Christofer Salsing, CEO Terrakultur


Running Your Operations

Status, orders and tasks are shared between the service teams and the back office. Administration is removed.

Use dashboards, KPIs and reports to improve your business.

Increased efficiency and the higher transparency lead to reduced stress and improvements to the work environment.


Improving Your Business

What is the cost for serving a customer and are there differences between customers? View reports on your service history and calculate the actual cost. Use the information to improve your pricing.

Build relationships with your contacts and decision makers, using automated service reports, strengthening your position in the next tender.


There is more

There is no hardware and no installation required. The support organisation is in place. We have made everything ready for you.

Run a free trial and make up your own mind.

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