Let's see, what did they do last time?

Running late, 25 minutes after schedule. Keep an eye on me!

Issue, will not be able to serve the last client.

I am before schedule and can help!

Ordered 3 items for next visit.

Seerefine is a cloud service and mobile app to manage and improve service organisations.

Create a flexible and transparent organisation, where you and your colleagues share information and work smarter together.

Learn from your service history and improve your productivity and quality. Work smarter and achieve more.

Know your costs and build on your relationship with contact persons and decision makers to strengthen your position in the next tender.


Running Your Operations.

View schedule in real-time

Access general and
customer specific information

Perform and create new tasks

Place orders

Submit site and dayreports

Strengthen your service teams by better support and reduced administration

Status, orders and tasks are shared between the service teams and the back office. Administration, such as orders, service reports and driving journals can be removed.

General information, i.e. addresses and digital keys, are shown. Information regarding customer specific requirements and extra services are easily accessible.

The increased efficiency and the higher transparency lead to reduced stress and improvements to the work environment.

Give the back office real-time overview, support the teams and plan your operations

  • Have all your clients received service?
  • Have your service teams experienced any issues today?
  • Will someone need to work overtime?
  • Are there service teams with extra capacity that can help out?

With Seerefine you will in real-time see your operations and you are up to date with the status of each team.

As a result you will know when you need to take a decision and you will have the information to take the right decision.


Live map with
team status

Dashboard with KPIs

Todo list and
performed tasks


Team reports with
comments and feedback


Show your customers what you do

In many cases your customers do not see when you do a good job.

We help you keep your customers up to date with what you do for them, showing them the value of your service. Build relationship with contact persons and decision makers to create a tighter relationship with your clients.

Differentiate from your competitors in the next tender.

Improving Your Business.

Increase productivity through better planning

Plans are nothing, planning is everything. Use the detailed information of how you perform to continuously improve your schedules and become more effective.

Maximise the time you spend on client site by identifying and eliminating activities that do not create value.


Management Reports

Improve planning using
service history reports

Understanding what is
driving costs


Use service history to strengthen your pricing

Bring the data from Seerefine to Excel for deeper analysis. Compare the operations of different customers.

Get a deeper understanding of what is driving costs to improve your position in next tender and your purchasing.

There is even more.

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